GeneWize Review – Are the Supplements A Scam

by Admin on August 5, 2011



Living life to the full requires one to reverse the effects of aging or stop them all together. Genewize supplements have been customized to help individuals slow down aging. GeneWize reviews reveals designer formulas; the result of years of research into the genes. They have used the best among the millions of natural genetic variations to produce supplements that will counter the negative effects of aging.


Genewize is a product of decades of research that has shown that DNA has a 0.9 percent that determines personal attributes including immunity, aging, athletic ability and longevity. Scientists in Genewize Company have researched and come up with a formula that can be adapted to personal needs to promote wellbeing, athletic ability and immunity. Genewize reviews show that a consumer’s DNA is assessed to enable supplements to be customized to suit that person’s specific requirements. It has been made into capsules that will replace the various supplements present today, which do not work for all people alike due to that 0.9 DNA variation. A prominent Genewize review shows devoted efforts to better human life and abilities on the part of Genewize.

The Company

The company of scientists behind this project have studied the market and seen the amounts of money spent on supplements and come up with a customized formula that is sure to work on each individual and it is cost effective at only $3-4 per day. The idea of a GeneWize scam should be the last thing in one’s mind seeing that marketing is controlled and information is securely stored.

Pay Plan

Currently, customers get referred by others to have their customized products made for them too. The pay plan is done through network marketing. Clients can even get the products free of charge if they refer more than three people. It creates opportunities for as many people as possible.


There is a break through to better life, GeneWize formulas that reverse negative effects in human life to make them live longer, better and fulfilling lives.


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