Rodan and Fields Scam

by Admin on September 12, 2011


Some of the most successful businesses in the world are those that deal in genuine products and use multilevel marketing, also known as network marketing. Most companies that use this type of marketing for their products have not only been able to escape the financial turmoil and economic recession currently underway around the world, they have actually registered growth, both in terms of revenues as well as customer numbers.

The Company

A good example of one such company is Rodan and Fields. This multilevel company was founded by two doctors. They are Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katie Rodan. These two doctors founded this company in the year 2002. The main products available here are facial products that focus on getting rid of signs of premature aging, sunscreens, hand and body lotions as well as products that get rid of acne, redness and skin irritation.

A Rodan and Fields Review indicates that both Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields discovered and founded Proactiv Solution, a product that is very effective in the treatment and eradication of acne. Entrepreneurs and business people seeking to benefit from selling the Rodan and Fields products can do so by taking advantage of the good products as well as the opportunity available for network marketing.

The Pay Plan

To become a consultant, an entrepreneur needs to pay an upfront fee of 45 dollars to receive a complete business portfolio. As a consultant, a trader or marketer will enjoy profit margins of between 16 and 25 per cent. The percentage is on sales figures. Entrepreneurs also stand to make money by recruiting and building teams of other budding traders. There are commissions for achieving these goals. The benefit will depend upon the productivity of the entire team. If the productivity is high, then the consultant receives and equally large bonus.


There are a couple of Rodan and Fields Scam reports out in the open. Apparently, these scams claim that the Rodan and Fields business opportunity is a fraud and a scam and basically discourages entrepreneurs from signing up. However, further Rodan and Fields Reviews have revealed these as unfounded reports that are not true and are just a falsehood being marketed in the open to tarnish and harm the name of this otherwise good company.



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