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Xango Review – Is Xango A Scam?

by Admin on July 15, 2011



There are various multi-level networking companies around the globe that promise great returns from their investments. However, equally known is the rise of networking scammers. Social media makes or breaks any company entering the MLM business. So how is Xango any different? Here are some Xango reviews to serve as a guide.

Xango is a multi-level company that sells wellness products such as mangosteen juice. They use network marketing or direct selling methods to distribute their products through independent sales forces. 

So far, online reviews report positive feedbacks with sales figures doubling annually. A Xango review pointed out that they even infiltrated the mainstream media, prompting various sponsors and advertisements about their products.

The achievement levels goes as 1K, 20K, Premier Select, 200K Premier Select, 500K Premier Select, Quantum Premier Select and so on. Another Xango review observes profitability to vary on their network of expert marketers, direct selling and overall group sales. Once distributors are able to run on autopilot, sponsoring new distributors will greatly help in achieving the same success level as their mentors. Generally, profits come from persistent marketing, direct selling and group efforts to achieve optimum sales.

Some pointed out Xango scam reviews in their blogs. Although the company claimed amazing health benefits in using their products, their products are not evaluated by the FDA. The vagueness of this claim might prompt distributors to think investing in this company thoroughly.

Due diligence and research will help any distributor uncover the advantages and disadvantages of Xango MLM networking. Xango reviews online give distributors an insight on what to expect with this company. Asking friends, family members and co-workers who are into MLM networking will give new distributors a deeper understanding of how to use networking to their advantage.



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  • Harleytcb

    google sherman unkefer prison, he is the top salesman for xango, he’s hired some of the top lawyers in the US to try and have his $7.5 million restitution thrown out, he was senteced to prison in 1989 for fraudulent schemes and still continues to lie to people about his so called “magic wand that will increase your sales.The prosecuting attourney called Sherman Unkefer a con man and a liar. Some things never change.

  • xango is a scam

    the health claims made about the Xango juice, or the mangosteen for that matter are dubious at best. To understand this you need to be aware of Dr. Templeman’s and David Morton’s relation to the Company. David Morton is self described as “the foremost authority on the Mangosteen” and he makes many hyperbolic claims of the health benefits, however curiously he is also the brother of the Xango founders Joe and Gordon Morton.
    Dr. Templeman it turns out is related too, his daughter Celine Templeman Morton is married to David Morton, so he’s just two skips away from the Xango founders as well.
    Despite this, they routinely insist they are “independent” researchers, who just happen to like the mangosteen and Xango juice.
    the FTC, which in its dietary supplements guide writes:

    “When an advertiser uses an expert endorser, it should make sure that the endorser has appropriate qualifications to be represented as an expert and has conducted an examination or testing of the product that would be generally recognized in the field as sufficient to support the endorsement. In addition, whenever an expert or consumer endorser is used, the advertiser should disclose any material connection between the endorser and the advertiser of the product. A material connection is one that would affect the weight or credibility of the endorsement, or put another way, a personal, financial, or similar connection that consumers would not reasonably expect.”

    Xango has failed to do this, and thus has been lying to is distributors and customers for 9 years (it was founded in 2002, and Templeman and morton have been making mangosteen propaganda for that long). Because a consumer’s decision to purchase this juice or enroll as an “independent distributor” weighs heavily on their perceived credibility of Xango, and because that credibility is largely constructed through an internal propaganda campaign, we can call Xango a scam, as in this understanding, they have “claimed to give you something for your money” and certainly “doesn’t deliver”.
    Xango somewhat skirts this issue legally by claiming, that the literature produced by morton and Templeman are “third party” literature – as they did when the FDA issued them a warning on false medical claims in 2006, but they still have failed to disclose the material connection as required by the FTC, and that third party literature is very arguably “first party literature”.

    On top of this Templeman has released cd’s with convicted con-men as Sherman Unkefer, ( the fraud who spent ten years in prison for scamming people out of 7.5 million dollars ( he was finally released from and now scams people in Xango. Xango often refers to him enthusiastically as one of their heavy hitters, claiming that he has “been in the industry for years” but, I guess if by by “industry” the meant fraud.

  • Ellen Dynum

    hahaha. yeah. its unbelievable that people get suckered into this. its so uncomfortable for all the family and friends because no one wants to call your family or friends stupid, so you just whave to feel sorry for them for being so dumb. i mean not to sound harsh, its horrible that they’re being taken advantage of, but my god, are people seriously just that naive?

  • Harleytcb

    LOL! way too loud, the predatory sales people in Xango, do such a good job in making this worthless un scientificly proven snake oil juice look so wonderful, people fall head over heals.
    Then one day they wake up with forty cases of juice in thier garage, a bunch of motivational books ,cd’s, dvd’s and realize that they will not be driving around a new Mercdede’s Benz in the near future.
    But the top 1% of these snake oil hucksters will be driving around in thier fancy cars on the backs of people they suckered in to selling this crap.
    To B


    Lo and behold here is XanGo founder Aaron Garrity and President Daniel Laroque running a scam in Russia! WOW.

  • Bobrovnik

    Xango is huge ripoff and only a few people at the top make money. The supposed efficacy of the product is based on assumptions and faulty scientific facts. Even the USA FDA warned Xango about making false claims about the juice. It is nothing more than an overpriced snake oil remedy aimed at the truly mentally defective!

  • John

    XanGo continues to run it’s scams past the FDA. FTC, and now the IRS.


    Dear MLM Affiliates and MLM Advocates,

    My wife and I had ahigh ranking MLM distributorship in Xango until we were terminated in the fall of 2010. When we became Xango distributors we perceived Xango as a highly credible company. The more we learned and experienced firsthand, the more we began to unravel the truth behind Xango. Very few distributors make a profit. There is no required or effective retailing of product. After Xango added all their fees, shipping etc. etc. the price per bottle was $2.00 less than Xango’s website retail price. We were treated unfairly because we chose not to comply with Xango’s policy that leaders should make large monthly product purchases.
    The way that we were terminated was unethical and lacked any opportunity for resolve. Xango refused to release the evidence that they said they had against us until after we were terminated and acquired legal representation. When you reach a higher level in Xango you begin to understand that the dream is not what they portray. Only the higher ranked distributors know the truth and unfortunately we became a target. Build your downline, then have it taken away with no evidence or right to object.
    Our confidence in the MLM industry remains strong, what has been difficult is to know if a company is legal and fair before becoming a distributor.

    Your Friend & Colleague

  • D. Butler

    Now XanGo is launching a new company. Straight up new company within XanGo at convention? Following in the footsteps of NuSkin are we? What’s next, going public? Selling the company? This will be interesting to watch.